Nature is my starting point and my inspiration.

       I am keen to work with organic shapes as when lines can be seen in smaller sections,
       for example tree trunks that repeat itself with different rhythms or structures and patterns
       one can see at ground level.

       It is this that gets me going. During the process painting takes over with its formal issues.

       In my latest paintings I have worked with vertical surfaces. These repeat itself with different
       rhythms and forms and displace themselves relative to each other creating space and movement.
       The works are inspired by forest and tree trunks as we can see them when walking in the woods.

       I work with acrylic on canvas and MDF-plates.

       February, 2018



       Galleri Amare, Stavanger:

       Oslofjorden Kunstsenter, Drøbak:
 986 807 020